Date: Feb 03, 2023
T20 Side Event | Green Investment Dialogue: Accelerating India’s Cleantech Ecosystem & Opportunities from India’s G20 Presidency

India’s G20 Presidency provides an ideal opportunity to push for reforms to the international financial architecture, enabling capital flows to India and the Global South. As the country pivots towards a green growth model, accelerated domestic and international capital flows will underpin the pace and success of India’s green transition. The G20 agenda can delineate the roles of public and private investment sources in catalysing green growth in India and push for reforms to existing Bretton Woods Institutions to make them fit-for-purpose to deal with the climate challenge.

ORF and Theia Ventures, in collaboration with MacArthur Foundation, are hosting a day-long green investment dialogue under the aegis of Think20 (T20), the official engagement group under India's G20 Presidency, to take stock of current financing challenges affecting the climate tech ecosystem and identify opportunities for India's G20 presidency to boost this sector.

The overall dialogue will be split into two roundtable discussions focussed on key topics relevant to greening India’s financial systems:

  • Roundtable 1: Financing India’s Emerging Climatetech Ecosystem
  • Roundtable 2:G20 and Climate Finance: Enabling Greater International Finance for India’s Green Transition

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