Date: Jun 03, 2021
Future of work: Towards a women-led growth framework

Post-Covid economic recovery can be driven by focusing on women. With home as the new workspace, female labour force participation and economic growth has been impacted in both positive and negative ways.

  • Can the opportunity of remote working be realised while countering the increase in domestic care work?
  • Can technology and the gig economy support women’s participation and professional leadership?
  • What public policies do we need to ensure a more equitable workplace for women?
  • How do we reconcile caretaking and professional development?

This dialogue will explore case studies from BRICS nations that can help seed ideas for women-led growth and examine the idea of having BRICS create a common framework for women-led growth.

Welcome remarks

Akshay Mathur

Director, Mumbai Centre; Head, Geo-Economics Studies Programme — ORF