Date: Feb 10, 2022
Defence Budget 2022: Charting Path towards Self-Reliance  
With an assertive China on the continent and in the maritime sphere, malicious Pakistan, and an unstable Afghanistan, securing India’s security environment has become a complex endeavour. The Union Budget 2022 has underlined India’s quest for self-reliance with a focus on domestic defence industrialisation and R&D. With one of the sharpest hikes in defence allocations in recent years, how has the budget catered to the Indian military’s requirements? This discussion will explore the following:
  • Does the budget allocation suffice the needs of the Indian military?
  • What opportunities has this budget opened up for India’s private sector?
  • What are the significant challenges for India’s quest for self-reliance in defence?
  • What additional steps should the government take to expand domestic defence industrialisation?