Date: Mar 28, 2024 Time: 03:30 PM
Book Discussion: Transformation- Emergence of Bangladesh and Evolution of India-Bangladesh Ties

India’s neighbourhood has always been accorded high priority in formulating foreign policy options, particularly in post-independent India. Since the birth of Bangladesh, the third largest neighbour in terms of population, India has engaged closely with Bangladesh. This book is about India-Bangladesh bilateral ties during the last half a century. The book traces the history of Bengal, the Partition and the birth of Bangladesh, as a new nation in the sub-continent. The book covers domestic developments in Bangladesh and its impact on bilateral ties. The book narrates Bangladesh’s domestic challenges like the political turmoil after the assassination of Sheikh Mujibur Rahman, the leader who inspired the struggle for liberation, political intervention by the military, conflict between secularism and theocracy, the Chakma revolt and insurgency, communal tensions, sustaining democracy and the amazing economic recovery that Bangladesh has achieved from being one of the poorest nations at the time it was born. The narrative on bilateral ties has been brought up-to-date, including a discussion on vexed bilateral issues. PM Sheikh Hasina’s remarkable contribution bringing about a fundamental transformation in bilateral ties is discussed in the book. She has been prime minister for an unbroken fifteen years and having won the January 2024 election, will continue as PM for another 5-year term guiding Bangladesh’s future policies and ties with India. 

This is an in-person event.