Date From : Oct 08, 2020To : Oct 09, 2020
Book Discussion | Routledge Handbook of China-India Relations

This event will start from 6:00 p.m. IST.

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About the book

The Routledge Handbook of China-India Relations brings together thirty five original essays on relations between the two giants of Asia. It is organised in seven sections, beginning with two sections that deal with the framing of China-India relations by their history, culture, and strategic thought. Three ensuing sections focus on the core bilateral issues — conflict over the border, the status of Tibet, and shared river-waters; military relations; and trade, investment, and connectivity initiatives. As China and India have risen, their involvement with third countries and in regions farther afield has grown apace, as has their role in shaping the norms and practices governing nuclear weapons, outer space, UN peacekeeping, climate change, and global health. These much larger engagements are analysed in fourteen chapters. The volume is notable for its much wider coverage of China-India relations than standard volumes on the subject and for its interdisciplinarity. It brings together a wide range of authors, drawn from Australia, Brazil, China, Germany, India Japan, the Netherlands, Singapore, Sweden, the UK, and the US, and nearly half of its contributors are female scholars. The essays show that China-India relations are more far-reaching and complex than ever and marked by both conflict and cooperation.