Date: Dec 27, 2021
Book Discussion | Politics and Geopolitics: Decoding India’s Neighbourhood Challenge

About the book

India’s South Asia policy, by its very nature, has to be extremely dynamic and nimble. The Narendra Modi government has also articulated an ambitious ‘Neighbourhood First’ approach and has invested significant diplomatic capital in it over the last few years. But the underlying factors that have traditionally framed India’s difficulties in getting its neighbourhood policy right remain as potent as ever.

Politics and Geopolitics brings together some of the finest thinkers in the country to deliberate on the gamut of political, diplomatic and economic issues that India is facing in its neighbourhood beyond Chinese hostilities and the perennial lack of trust with Pakistan. It provides an overview of the last few years under the Modi government and evaluates the state of the relationship as it exists today, touching upon the main areas of disputes and charting out a way forward for the bilateral engagement. This extremely timely and crucial compilation provides a kaleidoscopic view of India’s neighbourhood challenge.