Date: Apr 04, 2022
Book Discussion | Conundrum of an Island: Sri Lanka’s Geopolitical Challenges This discussion will start at 5:00 p.m. IST.
The Conundrum of an Island provides a lucid Sri Lankan perspective on often asked questions by the global strategic community on Sri Lanka’s stand on the developments in the Indo-Pacific and the nature of Chinese presence in Sri Lanka. The author argues that ‘the division on the Beijing factor is deep and polarised in Sri Lanka.’ Sri Lankan policymakers lack in articulating a clear foreign policy, and swing between the two increasingly divided pro-Washington and pro-Beijing factions. Bringing out the ‘conundrums’ of Sri Lanka in the maritime power dynamics of the larger regional and extra-regional powers in the Indian Ocean, the book provides a case study within the wider study of the small island states in the field of international relations.