Date From : Mar 22, 2018To : Mar 24, 2018

The India Trilateral Forum is the leading regular dialogue between Americans, Europeans, and Indians involved in influencing, crafting, and implementing national and foreign policies. Twice each year since 2010, the Forum has convened government officials, intellectuals, media commentators, and business representatives for an intimate conversation on shared political, social, and economic objectives as well as the implications of India’s rise for the transatlantic community. The Forum has been held in Europe (Stockholm and London), and in three cities in India (New Delhi, Mumbai, and Bengaluru). In 13 editions over eight years, the Forum has engaged over 350 key individuals, including leading politicians and government officials, influential columnists, representatives from top businesses, and renowned policy experts from India, the United States, and Europe.

The café style format of the forum is designed to create a conversation between peers. While panelists are expected to help lead the conversation, they are only asked to give scene-setting remarks of around five to seven minutes, preserving the majority of the session for an open back and forth between all of the participants in the room.

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India Trilateral Forum is held under the Chatham House Rule. The intellectual content generated by the forum helps in producing spin-off papers, videos and podcasts over the course of the year.

Venue Address

Vivanta by Taj, Goa