Date: Feb 09, 2024 Time: 03:30 PM
#PreventCancerTogether: Discussing Cancer in Public Policy

Globally, cancer represents a major public health concern, with India mirroring these challenges. Comparing India's cancer landscape with global trends offers insights into unique challenges and potential solutions. Cancer is the leading cause of premature mortality globally according to a Lancet Global Health Study from November 2023.  In addition to being a public health tragedy, the Lancet Study estimated that productivity losses linked to premature cancer deaths were 0.62% of the national GDP in Europe and 0.33% of the combined GDP of the BRICS countries.  The silver lining, however, lies in a World Health Organisation (WHO) report which establishes that early detection and treatment can cure many cancers.  While cancer is a call to rethink how we organise our lives, it should not be thought of as a death sentence. A comprehensive approach encompassing awareness, prevention, and robust healthcare infrastructure is imperative for effective cancer control in India. 

ORF is organising a series of Panel Discussions on Cancer as a public health concern and how public policy can play a role in awareness raising and minimising its impact on populations. 

Please confirm your participation at your earliest convenience by reaching out to Mona at ORF ([email protected]).

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ORF Conference Room