Madhura Joshi
Madhura Joshi is an energy and climate change policy specialist with a decade of experience in managing research and implementing large multi-disciplinary projects. She led the Natural Resources Defense Council (NRDC) India programmes initiatives on clean energy access green jobs and climate policy. Her work included designing and implementing sustainable villages plans focused on increasing gender participation and improving lives and livelihoods: leading NRDCs periodic studies on renewable energy jobs: and developing high-level engagement strategies on climate clean energy policies and green finance. Prior to NRDC she was Senior Research Associate at the Centre for Policy Research and Associate Fellow and Area Convenor of the Centre for Research on Energy Security at The Energy and Resources Institute.Her research interests include energy and climate policy in India: reducing energy poverty: co-benefits and political economy of low-carbon transitions: multilateral energy climate governance: and multiple objectives-based policymaking. She was a Raisina Young Fellow and Asian Forum on Global Governance Fellow in 2018 and International Visitors Leadership Program Fellow in 2015.