CyFy 2017

Big Politics

Big Politics, will engage key conversations between governments that came to the forefront last year. Panels will take stock of regional and international initiatives to help create norms for cyberspace, and examine how digital spaces, in turn, have affected political processes.

Technology and Society

Technology and Society, will explore whether technology-led solutions have been effective in providing universal access and making digital spaces accessible to communities at the margin. A key focus at CyFy 2017 will be contemporary developments around hate speech and online radicalisation, and the political, technological and legal dimensions to these concerns.

New Voices

New Voices, proposes to integrate new ideas and young leaders, especially women scholars and practitioners from the global south, with conversations on digital policymaking. Experts invited on the basis of their research, advocacy, civic engagement or leadership roles will be fully supported by ORF to present their experiences at CyFy 2017. The conference will highlight their work and offer them avenues to collaborate with global leaders from businesses and governments.

Digital Economy

Digital Economy, will discuss the emergence of the fourth industrial revolution and the impact of new technologies on the future of work and the very nature of production. In particular, panels will examine changes to governance regimes that are needed to ensure the security of digital payments and to foster the creation of global startups.

Machine Age

Machine Age, will explore developments in emerging technologies like robotics, artificial intelligence and the Internet of Things. Discussions around this pillar will examine how the confluence of these technologies into the existing physical and digital world will affect our lives, be it through the provision of security, accessible services or skills development.


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