The Raisina Files


Ministerial Addresses

  • Inaugural Panel
  • Address by Sushma Swaraj
  • Address by Sameh Shoukry

Connectivity & Infrastructure

  • Constrained Capital: Paving the Path for Infrastructure Investments in India and Other Emerging Economies
  • Contested Connectivity: Economic Tracks – Political Cargo?


  • The End of the Liberal Order: The Beginning of the Asian Century?
  • The Rise of City-States: Democracy, Security and Foreign Policy
  • Shaping a New Ethos of Geopolitics and Geo-Economics: The role of Emerging Powers in G20, BRICS and IBSA
  • From Multilaterals to Multinationals: Provision of Global Public Goods
  • A Disruptive World: Solutions for Tomorrow
  • Re-imagining the Commonwealth for the 21st Century

Technology & Innovation

  • Navigating the Chrome Age: Jobs, Growth and Public Policy
  • Regulating Big Tech in a Post-Truth World
  • Innovation and Creation: Geo-economics in the Knowledge Age
  • Digital Money: Innovating with India for the World
  • Giving India a Strategic Edge: Production, Innovation & Technology Partnerships


  • The Terror State: Innovative Solutions to New Threats
  • Strat-Con: The Emerging Security Dynamics in the Indo-Pacific
  • Nuclear Unpredictability: Managing the Global Nuclear Framework
  • The Killer Bytes: Countering Violent Extremism
  • Conflicts, Rights and the Machine: Addressing the Evolving Methods of Warfare
  • Unchartered Waters: In Search for Order in the Indo-Pacific
  • Serving Stability in the Indo-Pacific


  • Women in Foreign and Security Policy
  • Policy, Politics and Gender

Fragile World

  • Preventing a Scorched Earth
  • From Cold War to Hot Peace
  • Geopolitical and Geo-economic Challenges in 2018

Human Development

  • Framing the Health Agenda for the G20 Roundtable
  • Roundtable on the Indian Education Ecosystem


  • Towards a New Framework for a Free and Open Indo-Pacific
  • Towards a Bay of Bengal Community: Development, Growth & Security
  • Towards EU 2.0: Seeking Leadership in a New World Order
  • The Afghan Poser
  • In the mind of the Bear: Russia's next Geopolitical Manoeuvre
  • In Conversation with M.J. Akbar (West Asia)