Two Decades of the Quad: Diplomacy and Cooperation in the Indo-Pacific

Over the past two decades, the Quad, formerly known as the Quadrilateral Security  Dialogue, has emerged as a significant strategic grouping conducting security, diplomatic,  and public goods cooperation among its members and within the Indo-Pacific region.  Comprising Australia, India, Japan, and the United States, the Quad has evolved from a diplomatic initiative into a multifaceted framework fostering cooperation on issues ranging from maritime security to economic resilience. As the Quad marks its 20th anniversary, this  report reflects on its journey, assesses its accomplishments, and contemplates its future  trajectory amidst the dynamic geopolitical challenges facing the region. This report aims  to provide a comprehensive analysis of the Quad’s evolution, exploring its diplomatic  endeavors, collaborative efforts, and the implications of its strategic engagements on  regional stability and global order. 


  • Prof Harsh V Pant, Vice President, Studies and Foreign Policy, ORF
  • Dr Satu P Limaye, Vice President, EWC
  • Remarks by Nagaraj Naidu Kakanur, JS, AMS, MEA
  • Remarks by Patricia A. Lacina, Deputy Chief of Mission, US Embassy, New Delhi
  • Remarks by Mr. Takashi Ariyoshi, Deputy Chief of Mission, Embassy of Japan, New Delhi
  • Remarks by Nicholas McCaffrey, Acting High Commissioner, Australian High Commission, New Delhi