European Elections 2024 Explained: What’s at stake?

European Elections 2024 Explained: What’s at stake? | On 6-9 June, citizens from the EU’s 27 member states will vote to elect 720 Members of the European Parliament (MEPs). But as the world’s only supranational election, how do the EU elections work? With the return of war on European soil, what are the key policy issues at stake in this election, including the status of the European Green Deal and progress in matters of security and defence? Will the elections have implications on Europe’s ties with its global partners, the United States, India and China? What consequences will a likely shift to the right have on the future of the European project? 

As Europe finds itself at a crossroads, join us as we unpack the dynamics of this complex election. The event will also see the digital launch of ORF’s Special Report on the subject with chapter contributions from experts in the field.


  • Raji Rajagopalan, Director, Centre for Security, Strategy and Technology (CSST), ORF 
  • Shairee Malhotra, Associate Fellow, Europe, ORF
  • Gulshan Sachdeva, Jean Monnet Chair; Professor, Centre for European Studies, JNU
  • Lorenzo Parrulli, Second Secretary, Political Affairs, EU Delegation to India 
  • Tomi Huhtanen, Executive Director, Wilfried Martens Centre for European Studies 
  • Stefania Benaglia, Head of Foreign Policy Unit, CEPS