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Delhi Dialogue IX: Charting course for India-ASEAN relations

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Nilanjan Ghosh

Dr. Nilanjan Ghosh is Director, ORF’s Kolkata Centre, and heads the Inclusive Growth and SDG programme across the various centres of the Foundation. His previous positions at various points in

Anasua Basu Ray Chaudhury

Anasua Basu Ray Chaudhury is Senior Fellow with ORF’s Neighbourhood Initiative. She specialises in South Asia, energy politics, forced migration and women in conflict zones.

Anirban Sarma

Anirban Sarma is a Senior Fellow at ORF. His research focuses on media, ICTs, and technology-enhanced learning.

Jayanta Bandyopadhyay

Jayanta Bandyopadhyay is a Visiting Distinguished Fellow. He is a researcher and author on science and the natural environment. He received his Ph. D. in engineering from IIT Kanpur in 1975. He