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Malabar 2017, United States, India, US-India

Malabar Naval Exercise, Chennai, 2017

R. Senthil Kumar/PTI

US-India Strategic Dialogue 2017

The key questions to be discussed:

  • Impact of the election of President Donald Trump on the India-US relationship.
  • How can India and the United States cooperate to promote strategic interests in the maritime domain.
  • Challenges to stability in South Asian regional security environment.
  • The US is currently conducting a Nuclear Posture Review (NPR). What strategic implications will the new review have for India?
  • Challenges in the areas of nuclear security.

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Abhijit Singh, Senior Fellow, and Head, Maritime Policy Initiative, ORF

ADM (retd.) Arun Prakash, Former Chief of Naval Staff, Indian Navy; and Chairman, Chiefs of Staff Committee

Lt. Gen. (retd.) B.S. Nagal, Director, Centre for Land Warfare Studies

Constantino Xavier, Fellow, Carnegie India

Dhruva Jaishankar, Fellow, Brookings India

Harsh V. Pant, Distinguished Fellow, ORF

RADM (retd.) Joseph J. Krol, Former Associate Administrator for the Office of Emergency Operations, National Nuclear Security Administration (NNSA)

Joshua White, Associate Professor, Johns Hopkins School of Advanced International Studies

Amb. Leela Ponappa, Former Deputy National Security Advisor, India

Rajeswari Rajagopalan, Senior Fellow and Head, Nuclear and Space Policy Initiative, ORF

Amb. Rakesh Sood, Distinguished Fellow, ORF

Samir Saran, Vice President, ORF

Paul Kapur, Professor, Department of National Security Affairs, US Naval Postgraduate School

Lt. Gen. (retd.) S.L. Narasimhan Member, National Security Advisory Board

Sumit Ganguly, Professor, Indiana University, Bloomington

Vincent Manzo, Center for Naval Analysis

RDML (retd.) William C. McQuilkin, Former Director, Strategy and Policy Division, OPNAV N51

ITC Maurya, New Delhi