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Photo: Haim Zach/Israel Ministry of Foreign Affairs

Understanding Israel: Constructing an India–Israel narrative for the future

After Prime Minister Narendra Modi became the first Indian prime minister to visit Israel, breaking a decade old impasse, political and economic narratives between the two countries have found a new springboard to work with. Israel is home to complex politics, and is surrounded by even more complex geopolitical environment. To understand Israel, via Israel, is a critical part of a successful India–Israel relationship in the future.

ORF, along with the O.P. Jindal University’s Jindal Centre for Israel Studies, will host this debate covering issues such as conflict management, post-Zionist discourse in Israel and the intricacies, workings, divisions and challenges of the country’s unicameral parliament.

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Casaba Nikolenyi, Azrieli Institute of Israeli Studies, Concordia University

Harsh V. Pant, Distinguished Fellow, ORF

Khinvraj Jangid, Jindal School of International Affairs

Rohee Dasgupta, Jindal School of International Affairs