Transformations in West Asia: Regional perspectives

  • Kanchi Gupta

With the second edition of the West Asia Conference, held jointly with the Indian Ministry of External Affairs, ORF sought to broaden participation to foster in-depth analysis of crucial developments in West Asia and their impact on India. The second edition, titled "Transformations in West Asia: Regional Perspectives," saw conversation on developments that followed the Arab Spring, which have created instability and political uncertainty throughout the West Asian region; fluctuations in the region's geopolitics because of the changing role of extra-regional powers; economic, political and strategic commonalities that have given rise to new avenues for cooperation between India and the region; and the growth of religious extremism and terrorism, which has emerged as another important dimension in shaping India-West Asia relations. The conference papers presented in this short volume represent those conversations.


  • Editor's Note - Kanchi Gupta
  • Introduction - Anil Wadhwa
  • The Arab Spring: Four Years Later- Jawad Kerdoudi
  • The Changing Middle East and the Crumbling Political Order: An Israeli Perspective - Kobi Michael
  • Extremism and Terrorism: Challenges and Impact on India-West Asia Ties - Ra'ed Fawzi Ihmoud Ihmoud
  • The Role of External Powers in the Middle East - Pinak Ranjan Chakravarty
  • The United States and its Allies on the Iranian Nuclear Negotiations - Mehmet Yegin

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