Oil in American Energy Policy: Searching for Clues of Influence

  • Lydia Powell

This narrative searches for clues of influence on American energy policy with a deliberate focus on the internal dimension.  The ’search’ is inspired by the observation that while the external dimension of America’s ’energy policy’ such as its refusal to ratify the Kyoto Protocol or its involvement with oil producing nations in the Middle East are widely quoted to draw inferences on the levers of influence over American energy policy, comparatively less effort is devoted to understanding the domestic dynamics of energy policy to identify levers of influence. Oil has been singled out as a means to investigate the question of influence over energy policy because of the unique position oil enjoys in the energy arena. The energy crisis was first and foremost an oil crisis. Oil crises prove to be ideal contexts for this narrative as these were critical moments when American national character and its energy institutions were decisively tested.


Publisher ORF-Samskriti

Editor(s) / Author(s)

Lydia Powell