India, Pakistan, Nuclear Bomb

Nuclear Security in India

Observer Research Foundation (ORF) published a special report on India's nuclear security, titled Nuclear Security in India, in January 2015. The report was one of the first comprehensive examinations of India's nuclear security policies, including an appraisal of how India has fared in implementing them. The report undertook an assessment of threats and challenges that India has continued to encounter both from within and outside. It presented a detailed analysis of the strengths and weaknesses of India's nuclear security policies and practices. This included an overview of the legal and institutional architecture and also a critical review of the policies in practice. The report also included an examination of nuclear security undertaken by the UK, France and Japan, with the objective of capturing some of the international best practices in the domain. This helped in providing a fair comparison of nuclear security measures followed by India with those by some of the established nuclear powers.

ORF is publishing the second edition of the report incorporating key findings from the US field visit. The report has also undertaken a fresh review of the threat perception in the light of the recent terrorist attacks in India, including in Pathankot, and in South Asia in general. Furthermore, this edition incorporates an update on India's domestic nuclear security policies and regulations, including the proposed Nuclear Safety Regulatory Authority (NSRA) Bill and the commitments India has undertaken at the Nuclear Security Summit, 2016. Based on the findings from the US field visit, this edition includes an additional four recommendations that could be suitably modified to apply to the Indian context.


Rajeswari Pillai Rajagopalan

Rahul Krishna

Kritika Singh

Arka Biswas