Madhya Pradesh: Development Challenges

  • B. Venkatesh Kumar
  • Ed.: B. Venkatesh Kumar

The problem of Governance is of concern to citizens across the globe, more so in the developing and underdeveloped countries. The common refrain is that the administration is not always receptive to reform efforts; civil society often finds itself marginalised from decision-making, resulting in a growing sense of popular frustration. The State of Madhya Pradesh in India has been witness to a revolution in governance, infusing power and confidence in ordinary people at the village community level by systematic decentralisation of power. Successive governments have embellished this process with admirable initiatives in improving literacy rates and health care.

This volume brings together scholarly writings on the various challenges faced by the State of Madhya Pradesh in this gradual process of empowering the people.

The volume will be an essential reference for scholars, policy-makers, civil servants, donor agencies, journalists, teachers and researchers in the filed of development studies.


Publisher ORF-Manas Publication

Editor(s) / Author(s)

B. Venkatesh Kumar

Ed.: B. Venkatesh Kumar