India-China,Print Media,Public Opinion,Public Perception

Indian media’s perception of China: Analysis of editorials

This report is part of a larger study of public perception of India-China relations. The full study comprises two parts: a survey of the print media, both national and local; and a survey of public opinion in areas bordering China in eastern India. This is the first part, and it presents the findings of the print media survey — it makes an analysis of the data collected from select national newspapers in India. It must be noted that the websites of the newspapers have been used to collect the data, covering a period of three years (2012 to 2014). This three-year period was selected because it saw leadership changes in both countries, and these leaders — Xi Jinping and Narendra Modi — appear similarly assertive in strengthening the two nations' bilateral relationship. They are also making efforts to resolve border and trade disputes. Widely publicised visits by both leaders to their neighbour country, as well as their meetings on the sidelines of various regional and global forums have taken place during this time. At the same time, there have been border skirmishes before or during the high-profile visits.


Anasua Basu Ray Chaudhury