India, GCC and the Global Energy Regime: Exploring Interdependence and the Outlook for Collaboration

  • Samir Ranjan Pradhan

Growth-induced structural changes have precipitated a phenomenal increase in energy consumption in the economies of the Asian region. Importantly, Asia's burgeoning demand for oil and gas is a crucial factor in the current world energy market and has occupied centre-stage in the contemporary discourse on global energy security. This book explores one aspect of such transition, envisaging the emerging pattern of energy interdependence between India as a major energy consuming and importing country and the prominence of the Gulf Cooperation Council countries as the major source of energy supplies for India and the Asian region as a whole. The book argues that the evolving pattern of energy related links and tendencies will act as a stimulant to boost bilateral economic relations between India and the GCC to an elevated trajectory.


Publisher ORF-Academic Foundation

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Samir Ranjan Pradhan