India as a partner in triangular development cooperation: Prospects for the India-UK partnership for global development

Triangular cooperation is a growing trend in India’s global engagement. The term refers to development cooperation in which traditional aid donors work together with Southern partners to address challenges in developing countries. Largely absent from this type of cooperation in the past, India has gradually become a more visible partner. The current government’s endorsement of triangular cooperation in joint statements with key partners, as well as high-profile initiatives such as the Asia-Africa Growth Corridor underline India’s motivation to play a more active role. This paper analyses India’s approach to triangular cooperation. It focuses on the India-United Kingdom partnership for global development, which has been shaping an innovative model for India’s participation in triangular cooperation in the past years. India’s growing interest in this modality provides momentum to move this relationship forward. India-UK cooperation could open up new opportunities in the context of India’s thriving partnership with the African continent.


Sebastian Paulo