Defence Primer: India at 75

The Defence Primer establishes India's defence goals and the strategies needed to achieve them as India moves towards the 75th year of its independence in 2022. The book leads off from the principal challenges to India — long, disputed, and militarised borders with Pakistan and China and visible capability gaps vis-à-vis the ever-widening threat spectrum. Where does India stand today? What should India’s national security goals be in 2022? If we map out the trajectory of India’s current path of defence modernisation, where will we be in 2022? How do we bridge this gap between the desired state and the actual condition?

The Modi government, since coming to power in May 2014, has generated great expectations of reforms in defence procurement and policy. The ambition to eventually transform India from the world’s largest arms importer into a defence manufacturing hub under the ‘Make in India’ scheme is still in an incipient stage. India’s military doctrines and force modernisation — hampered by the slow pace of defence acquisitions — have hindered its ambitions to shape its security environment as an emergent power. Effectively understanding these complex strategic and tactical environments to inform policy makers is the precursor to developing and maintaining a spectrum of capabilities in accordance with realistic threat perceptions.


  • India’s Defence Goals – Sushant Singh & Pushan Das
  • India’s Strategic Environment & Adversaries – Shashank Joshi
  • Indian Nuclear Doctrines in Peace & War – Arka Biswas
  • India’s Military Diplomacy – Dhruva Jaishankar
  • Reinvigorating Defence Procurement and Production in India – Amit Cowshish
  • In Need of a Crisis? India’s Higher Defence Organisation at 75 – Anit Mukherjee
  • Indian Air Power – Abhijit Iyer-Mitra & Angad Singh
  • The Indian Navy and Future Maritime Operations – Abhijit Singh
  • Indian Army: Force Structures and Capability Requirements – Ajai Shukla
  • Women in the Indian Armed Forces – Vidisha Mishra
  • Building India’s Way to a “Leading Power” – Dinakar Peri
  • The Making of India’s Cyber Security Architecture – Arun Mohan Sukumar & Col. R.K. Sharma
  • India’s Participation in UN Peacekeeping Missions: More Status Quo Than Game Changer – Ritika Passi
  • Strategies of Warfighting – Arzan Tarapore


Sushant Singh

Pushan Das