Nisha Verma


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Ms. Nisha did M.Lib, B. Lib and B.Sc. from Jammu University in the year 2001. During the M.Lib Sc course, the subject of her dissertation was application of Information Technology in the library of the Regional Research Laboratory (CSIR), Jammu.

From November 2002 to May 2003 she worked as a Project Coordinator in IASRI library under the project of Soft Link Asia on their library software Alice for Windows for Library Automation.She worked in RRL (CSIR) Library as a Project Coordinator in the Library Automation Project from Jan 2000 to Oct 2002. In that library she worked with various softwares like CDS/ISIS, WINISIS, and ALICE FOR WINDOWS. The job entailed search of references from biological and chemical abstracts, providing reference services to the users, working on various modules of library packages like circulation, cataloguing, acquisition, and online public access catalogue (OPAC) in various software, along with all related jobs of library automation.From the year 2003 till date at the ORF as a Librarian, she is responsible for responsible for managing all affairs of the library i.e. data archiving of new articles, downloading of documents related to the projects, answering queries, issuing and receiving books, organizing information, making wish lists and acquisition of books and other materials from suppliers on approval basis, and working on the organisation?s Knowledge Management System.Her areas of interest are automation of library functions, digitization of Information Resources, Development of Digital Library, Knowledge management, and library and Information Networking.


Information Science Professional