Nilanjan Ghosh

Senior Fellow and Head, Economics

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Nilanjan Ghosh is Senior Fellow (Professor) and Head of Economics with the Economy and Development Programme at ORF Kolkata. He is also Senior Economic Advisor at the World Wide Fund for Nature, New Delhi.

A natural resource economist and econometrician by training, Nilanjan obtained his doctorate from the Indian Institute of Management Calcutta. He has been working in the domains of ecological economics, developmental issues, water resources and financial markets, and conducts his research by combining frameworks of neoclassical economics and institutions. His publications so far include six books (three authored + three edited), and 35-odd peer-reviewed research papers in journals like Water Policy, Conservation and Society, Journal of Industrial Ecology, Journal of Index Investing and EPW, as well as book chapters. His co-authored book Sustainability Science, published by IGI-Global, Pennsylvania, argues that sustainable development is not merely a subject for academics, policymakers and journalists to mull over, but a set of daily practices and changes. In his most recently edited book Nature, Economy, and Society: Understanding the Linkages (Springer India) he, along with others, attempts to delineate the evolution and scope of the interdisciplinary framework of ecological economics. Nilanjan was Vice President of Indian Society for Ecological Economics (INSEE), and delivered the Presidential Address at the Seventh Biennial Conference of INSEE.


  • Ecological Economics
  • Development and Economy
  • Water
  • Financial Markets

Current Position(s)

  • Senior Fellow and Head, Economics, Economy and Development Programme
  • Senior Economic Advisor, WWF Delhi

Past Position(s)

  • Vice President, Indian Society for Ecological Economics


  • Doctorate, IIM Calcutta