Date: Jul 18, 2022
Tracing Regional Responses to the Taliban Regime

As the Taliban nears completing its eleventh month in power, it has failed to meet the international community’s expectations. Regional powers which are more vulnerable to threats emanating from Afghanistan are interacting with the Taliban in different ways. India recently re-opened its embassy in Afghanistan, and Iran and Russia are using coercion and incentives to promote an inclusive government in Afghanistan. Uzbekistan has faced multiple attacks from within Afghanistan, and Tajikistan has distanced itself from the current Afghan regime. In this context, this webinar will trace regional responses to the Taliban regime.

This session will deal with the following questions:

  1. How are regional powers like India, Iran, Russia, Uzbekistan and Tajikistan interacting with the Taliban regime?
  2. Why have no countries recognised the Islamic Emirate?
  3. Has the Taliban been able to mitigate the apprehensions and reservations of these regional powers?
  4. Is there an attempt to legitimise or recognise the Taliban?
  5. How will these powers respond and accommodate Afghanistan to the evolving global and regional order?