Date From : May 30, 2023To : May 31, 2023
The Neighbourhood Scope | Pakistan: Between Democracy, Dictators, and Devastation

Is Pakistan on the verge of state collapse? The extreme political polarisation and consequent civil disturbances across the country after the arrest of Imran Khan have raised newer questions about the future of the Pakistani state and the power dynamics within the country. The insurrection-like situation in the country has further compounded the constitutional, institutional, economic and security crisis. The economy is in the doldrums with the forex reaching nadir, inflation skyrocketing, and industrial activity coming to a halt.

Between an establishment hell-bent on retaining its iron grip on power, and the populace disenchanted with ineffective governance of the military - what Pakistan faces right now is a crisis of the state. How will the military respond to this crisis? Is the military establishment still a unified organisation or is it divided on political lines? Will these actions be scrutinised by its domestic institutions, particularly the judiciary? How is the future likely to unfold? What implications will the unrest have on Pakistan's stability and IMF negotiations? How will this impact Pakistan’s relations with its neighbours and the rest of the world? What is at stake for the region, and what options should New Delhi explore?

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ORF Conference Room, 20, Rouse Avenue Institutional Area, New Delhi