Date: Feb 17, 2024 Time: 11:00 AM
Shared Seas, Shared Goals: Steering the Indo-Pacific Journey

Global and regional interactions are now deeply intertwined with the geopolitical and geoeconomic shifts occurring in the Indo-Pacific. As a result, this region has gained significant prominence in the eyes of multiple global stakeholders, leading to a complex mix of cooperative and competitive interactions primarily revolving around the control, access, and utilization of resources, as well as issues related to connectivity and infrastructure development. The United States and India, as prominent democratic powers in the region, have both articulated comprehensive Indo-Pacific strategies, which while being distinct in their nuances, share common objectives of maintaining regional stability, ensuring freedom of navigation, and promoting economic connectivity in a rules-based order. Currently, the Indo-Pacific presents a significant framework for understanding the exchanges and interdependencies that characterize global politics, including aspects of trade, security, environmental concerns, and technological advancements.

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