Date: Feb 25, 2022
Friday Afternoon Talk | One Year after the Myanmar Coup   As the February coup in Myanmar completes a year, the political unrest as well as arrests of ex-state counselor Daw Aung San Suu Kyi and other prominent leaders of NLD, along with their sentencing, throws a lot of dilemmas to the democratic landscape. The country has been in complete turmoil with civil disobedience movements, ethnic conflicts, COVID-19 that have crippled the economy. More so, international communities have played a role in either sanctioning the Junta generals or have snubbed the nation where required. The discussion will examine the following:
  • What will be the strategy of the military Junta in ruling the second year?
  • Will ASEAN be able to play a role in pragmatically engaging Junta to adhere to the 5-point consensus?
  • How would the military government navigate the rapidly changing regional geopolitics marked by China’s growing assertion and countervailing strategies of other major powers?
  • How will India-Myanmar relations shape in the second year since the coup?