• Oct 13 2017

CyFy 2017 | Predatory Data; Gender & Tech

    Technology promises to unshackle identities and communities that have traditionally been marginalised. But how have sites that incubate technology responded to the real and pressing problem of gender inequality? The social inequities that pervade the offline world have now begun duplicating in the online world - with violence against women online becoming a central consideration and artificial intelligence becoming increasingly sexualised. This panel will examine how social sciences can play an enhanced role in ensuring that emerging technologies are more equitable and gender sensitive.

    Ritika Passi, Associate Fellow and Project Editor, Global Governance Programme, Observer Research Foundation
    Danielle Kayembe, CEO and Founder, GreyFire Impact
    Laura Meyer, Former Client Relationship Manager, IBM
    Ineke Buskens, Founder, Research for the Future, South Africa
    Anna Lee, Co-Founder and VP of Engineering, Lioness Health
    Danil Kerimi, Head of Technology Industries, World Economic Forum



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