• Oct 13 2017

CyFy 2017 | No Man’s LAN: The Militarisation of Cyberspace

    With more countries absorbing and integrating “cyber” capabilities into their instruments of warfare, cyber deterrence is slated to become a central pillar of military planning. This panel will take stock of watershed military events and cyber-attacks in recent years, whether their frequency has contributed to an “arms race” and what new national security doctrines mean for regional and global stability.
    Iddo Moed, Cyber Security Coordinator Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Israel
    Chelsey Slack, Officer, Cyber Defence, NATO
    Yoko Nitta, Senior Fellow, Japan Society for Security and Crisis Management
    Paul Maddinson, Deputy Director Cyber Ops, National Cyber Security Centre, UK
    Lu Chuanying, Senior Fellow, Shanghai Institute for International Studies
    Paolo Ciocca, Deputy Director General, Security Intelligence Department, the Republic of Italy
    Chris Painter, Former Coordinator of Cyber Affairs, US Department of State



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