20 years of Pokhran-II

2018 marks twenty years of the Pokhran-II tests, and of India's evolution from being an ambiguous nuclear power to a full-fledged, albeit de-facto, nuclear weapons state.

Eye on China

China’s growing economic, military and diplomatic heft has the potential to either upend or uphold the international order as we know it today. Will contemporary China continue to be a revisionist force in the international system? What would a Middle Kingdom 2.0 mean for a rising India with its own global ambitions? This series examines these and other related questions around a superpowered People’s Republic and a world in flux.

Emerging Themes in Indian foreign Policy

As India continues its quest to become a leading power and expands its global footprint, new themes and issues are emerging as part of its foreign policy agenda. Indian policymakers have realised that non-traditional instruments of diplomacy can supplement traditional means...

National Security

This series of papers examines critical issues related to India’s defence policy challenges. It focuses on the Indian armed forces’ structures, postures, and processes, and presents policy recommendations to improve India’s military preparedness across domains. The series includes papers at the intersection of Indian foreign and defence policies.

Financing Green Transitions

The series examines domestic and international barriers to private capital entry for mitigation oriented climate projects, while also examining potential avenues for private capital flow entry towards adaptation and resilience projects.

India and Global Governance

As a rising power, India’s role in global governance is under considerable scrutiny. This series of papers traces the evolution of India’s engagement with global governance. They evaluate the complexities undergirding India’s approach to the structural, institutional, and normative challenges facing the current global order as well as India’s approach...

India and the Study of International Relations

The state of academic scholarship in International Relations (IR) needs more analytical attention. This timely and relevant series of articles assess Indian contributions to IR in the theoretical and empirical domains.


Two decades since its inception, BIMSTEC has yet to truly succeed as an instrument of regional integration. The primary reason for the group’s slow progress is general inertia, or lack of interest amongst its members. There have also been more pressing national and regional issues that have overtaken the group’s development. This is set to change under the impetus provided by geopolitical and geoeconomic shifts in the global...

The China Chronicles

The China Chronicles is a weekly web series that explores the rise of China as a global player along multiple axes: political, diplomatic, economic, social, and cultural. It aims to provoke a wider and more nuanced debate in India on the implications of a rising China as it implicates Asia and the wider world.