The ORF Primer is an annual publication that will address 10 key situations of the bygone year that will remain priorities for India and the world in the year forward. The analytical commentaries are intended to act as a ‘handbook’ to place in perspective India’s international engagements for the coming year.

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The Road to Glasgow: Co-Financing the Green Transition

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Rakhahari Chatterji

Professor in Political Science, Calcutta University (Retired 2008). Formerly Dean, Faculty of Arts, Calcutta University; Visiting Fellow in Political Science and Associate, Committee on South Asian Studies, University of Chicago; Visiting Fellow

Sohini Nayak

Sohini Nayak is a Junior Fellow at Observer Research Foundation, Kolkata. Currently, she is working on public health in the ‘BBIN plus M’ countries.

Shubh Soni

Shubh Soni is the Head of Forums and Partnerships at ORF. He drives the conceptualization, curation and execution of ORF’s marquee platforms, along with engaging the Foundation’s external partners and stakeholders for


Mona is Junior Fellow with ORF’s Sustainable Development Programme. Her research expertise and interests lie broadly at the intersection of gender, social policy, public health and human rights. Mona is

Meher Ahmed

Meher Ahmed is Media and Communications Manager at ORF. Meher leads communications strategy for all domains of media as well as events.