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Jan 23 2017

India and the world

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S. D. Dave

Justice S D Dave was elevated to the bench of the High Court of Gujarat in the year 1990 and retired after 9 years of sterling service. He worked as Chairman, Gujarat

Sylvia Mishra

Sylvia Mishra is working for the ORF Strategic Studies US Initiative. She tracks India's foreign and defence policies, India-US relations as well as US policy in the Asia-Pacific. Sylvia’s research projects focus

Vindu Mai Chotani

Vindu Mai Chotani holds a BA in Political Science from Jesus and Mary College, Delhi University, and an MSc in International Relations from the University of Bristol, England.

Samir Saran

Samir Saran is Vice President of the Observer Research Foundation. Samir spearheads ORF's outreach and business development activities.

He is a frequent commentator on issues of global governance, including

Kanchi Gupta

Kanchi Gupta is an Associate Fellow with the West Asia Regional Studies Initiative at ORF, New Delhi. Her research focuses on India's West Asia policy, and the political and security dynamics in