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North Korean nuclear and missile programmes

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Vivan Marwaha

Vivan Marwaha is a Research Intern at ORF. His research interests include: the future of BRICS, India’s strategic relations with the US, current issues in the cyberspace, particularly the Internet

K. Yhome

K. Yhome is a Senior Fellow with ORF's Neigbhourhood Regional Studies Initiative. His research interests include India’s regional diplomacy, regional and sub-regionalism in South and Southeast Asia, the Bay of Bengal

Shalini Rudra

Shalini Rudra is Associate Fellow with the Health Initiative. Her research spans across disciplines, including social demography, health economics, development studies and data-driven research. Her core research interest lies at

Arka Biswas

Arka is currently pursuing projects on India’s nuclear weapons policy and doctrine, and India's membership to the export control groups. His research areas include nuclear weapons policy, non-proliferation, disarmament and security.