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Do multiculturalism, multipolarity and multiple systems of knowledge lead to a more equal world?

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Sebastian Paulo

Sebastian Paulo is a Fellow at ORF. He works on global development issues. His research concentrates on how international development cooperation and global governance contribute to achieving development objectives, in

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Uma Shankar Sharma

Uma Shankar has an engineering and business background and has worked in the Indian oil and gas sector for over 20 years. During his deputation in the Ministry of Petroleum and Natural

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Nisha Verma

Ms. Nisha did M.Lib, B. Lib and B.Sc. from Jammu University in the year 2001. During the M.Lib Sc course, the subject of her dissertation was application of Information Technology in the

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Satish Misra

Satish Misra has done PhD from Humboldt University, Berlin, Germany in International Affairs. He has done MA (Western History) from Lucknow University. Before joining ORF he has worked with various English Newspapers

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Aparajit Pandey

Aparajit is an Associate Fellow with ORF’s Climate, Energy and Resources programme. His research focuses primarily on incentivising institutional investor and international debt financing for climate action projects, domestic policy