West Asia Monitor | Volume I; Issue XVII

    Ramla prisoners in the 1948 Arab-Israeli War

    The Arab leadership has often called upon India to play a substantive role in the largely stagnant Middle East peace process. Whilst the Palestinian issue long-preoccupied the political dynamics of the region, New Delhi got away with mere lip service in support of a resolution to the conflict. An altered geopolitical environment has ensured that peace in the region now identifies with Saudi-Iran relations, posing a daunting challenge for India. An extension of the conflict not only threatens Indian interests in the region but also curtails New Delhi’s diplomatic space to manoeuvre through these fault-lines. The pressing question that the Indian government should be addressing is whether or not the solution lies in New Delhi moderating the tensions between key regional actors.



    Past Events

    India-Russia: Enablers and limits

    American public’s views on domestic and foreign policy issues

    Human capital, growth and public policy

    Quadrilateral debate

    Revisiting India’s border security

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