The Cyber Command: Upgrading India’s national security architecture

India is increasingly vulnerable to cyber attacks that range from intrusions that affect the integrity of data to large-scale attacks aimed at bringing down critical infrastructure. This vulnerability is largely a function of India's digital economy, which is a net information exporter  that relies heavily on devices manufactured outside the country. Another complicating factor is the density of India's cyberspace, which does not permit a uniform legal or technical threshold for data protection laws. This paper proposes a security architecture that can improve inter- agency coordination, help respond to cyber attacks, and prevent them in many circumstances. The primary goals of the National Cyber Security Agency a Cyber Command  that brings together the Armed Forces and civilian agencies are twofold: improve the country's resilience and defence systems against serious electronic attacks, while enhancing its own intrusive, interceptive and exploitative capabilities.


Arun Mohan Sukumar

Col. R.K. Sharma