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ORF roundtables encourage voices from all quarters, geographies and gender to furnish engaged discussion between policymakers and audiences across the globe. Details and brief reports outlining resultant debates and policy recommendations can be found here.

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Opportunities in Toronto in the evolving global landscape

Talk by Mayor of Toronto, John Tory

As a lawyer, talk show host, businessman, Member of Canadian Provincial Parliament and leader of the opposition at Queen’s Park, John Tory believes that the diversity of Toronto is its strength. As the Mayor, John Tory’s focus will be on bringing the city together as ‘One Toronto’.

He is the founding board member and chair of the Greater Toronto CivicAction Alliance. Mr. Tory is the recipient of Paul Harris and Mel Osborne Awards. He was named a life member of the Salvation Army Advisory Board.

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The talk will take place at the Conference Hall, ORF New Delhi. The timing of the event is from 11:30 a.m. to 1:20 p.m.

Conference Hall, ORF New Delhi

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