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Above all summits, it is calm. German elections between crisis and stagnation

Book discussion | How BJP Wins: Inside India’s Most Powerful Election Machine

Book discussion | How India sees the World: Kautilya to the 21st Century

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  • Annual Report 2016

    Annual Report 2016
    India-Africa,The China Chronicles

    China’s rapid growth in Africa: Lessons for India

    Farzad B,Gazprom,Iran,ONGC Videsh

    India and Iran: More than what meets the eye

    Aadhaar,Right to Privacy

    Privacy Inc.: The one where Supreme Court saved Aadhaar

    BRICS 2017

    BRICS 2017 summit: Agenda for action

    Aung San Suu Kyi,Myanmar,Rohingya

    Strategic implications of Myanmar’s domestic politics


    China’s expanding military footprint in Africa