Strategic Studies

Focus on geopolitics, insights and policy solutions to extant security challenges with an emphasis on India. The programme covers a broad area of research, including area studies.

BIMSTEC: Rediscovering old routes to connectivity

Building a BIMSTEC agenda for counterterrorism

The forgotten history of Indian international relations

Trump’s Afghanistan strategy and emerging alignments in the region: Implications for India

Common responses to maritime security threats in the Bay of Bengal

India’s pursuit of United Nations Security Council reforms

A path to NSG: India’s rise in the global nuclear order

US–Pakistan relations in the Trump era: Resetting the terms of engagement in Afghanistan

China in Afghanistan: Security, regional standing, and status

Exploring new drivers in India-Russia cooperation

Raisina Files: Debating the world in the Asian Century

Prospects for EU–India Security Cooperation

Defence Primer: India at 75

Trends in Russia-China Relations: Implications for India

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Arka Biswas

Arka is currently pursuing projects on India’s nuclear weapons policy and doctrine, and India's membership to the export control groups. His research areas include nuclear weapons policy, non-proliferation, disarmament and security.

K. Yhome

K. Yhome is a Senior Fellow with ORF's Neigbhourhood Regional Studies Initiative. His research interests include India’s regional diplomacy, regional and sub-regionalism in South and Southeast Asia, the Bay of Bengal

Abhijnan Rej

Abhijnan Rej is a Fellow in the Strategic Studies Programme. His current research revolves around Indian grand strategy, India’s China and Pakistan policies, and theory and practice of limited wars.

Ritika Passi

Ritika Passi is Project Editor and Associate Fellow at ORF. Her research focuses on issues of connectivity, security and development. She is currently working on the Belt and Road Initiative and the

Kriti M. Shah

Kriti Shah is a Junior Fellow with ORF. Her research focuses on Afghanistan and Pakistan's foreign and domestic policy, their relationship with each other, the United States and the Taliban. Her other

Kartik Bommakanti

Kartik Bommakanti is an Associate Fellow with the Strategic Studies Programme at the ORF. He is currently working on a project centered on India’s Space Military Strategy vis-à-vis China. Bommakanti

Kabir Taneja

Kabir Taneja is an Associate Fellow with Strategic Studies programme. His research focuses on India’s relations with West Asia, specifically looking at the domestic political dynamics, terrorism, non-state militant actors and the