Vishal Nigam

Visiting Fellow

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Vishal Nigam is a Delhi University graduate. He holds a postgraduate degree in International Business Strategy from Indian Institute of Foreign Trade; and a postgraduate degree in Personnel Management and Diploma in Management from Fu Hsing Kang College, National Defence University, Taipei. He is an experienced aviator with more than two decades of distinguished service with the Indian Air Force. He worked at the Centre for Air power Studies from 2009-2014.

As a Visiting Fellow with ORF, his areas of research include China's aviation industry, national security, defence, and aerospace industry in the evolving strategic and international security environment. He has presented research papers and has been a prominent speaker at prestigious conferences organised by CII, ICS, NDU (Taiwan) and IFES (Russia), among others, and his articles are regularly published in journals. His chapter on "Peoples Liberation Army Air Force: An Incomplete Journey" was published in China's Military and India (Pentagon Press 2012). His other published papers include: "PLAAF in Transition; Defence Industry in China"; "China's Civil Aviation Industry"; "Transformational Trends in China's Aviation Industry"; "Coercive Air Force of the 21st Century" (DSA); "Lessons from China's Aviation Industry"; "Cockpit Resource Management"; "Technology Shaping Future Fault lines, China - Future Cradle for Science & Technology"; "Technology Underwriter for China's Security" (STS); "China's Aerospace Potential: Strengths and Prospects" (ORF Issue Brief); "A Lean Mean Fighting Force" (Pioneer); "Def Expo: Driver For India's Defence Industry" (ORF). He has also authored a book titled Dragon in the Air: Transformation of Aviation Industry and the Air Force (Knowledge World 2013).