Sergey Kurginyan

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Dr.Sergey Kurginyan, is the President of the International Public Foundation "Experimental Creative Centre"; Editor-in-chief of the journal "Russia XXI"; and an Academician at the National Academy for Social Technologies. He laid the foundation of the Experimental Creative Centre in 1990, and also headed the same. The analytical products of the Centre are used by State agencies, public organizations and businesses in the Russian Federation.

In 1993, founded "Russia XXI" journal, which addresses elite circle of intellectuals and professionals and covers diverse problems of social and political nature.He regularly appears on the national and foreign TV and radio talk-shows. He has authored several books like The Seventh Scenario, The Power and the Opposition, Lessons of bloody October (on the events of October, 1993), The Weakness of Power, and, Swings. He is also the co-author of the books Postperestroika, and, The Field of Counter-Action.