Jaya Thakur

Junior Fellow

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Jaya Thakur is a Junior Fellow at ORF Kolkata currently working with the Economy and Development Programme at ORF Kolkata. Her specialization is Environmental Issues in Geography including natural and social environment.

Jaya Thakur completed her M.A. in Geography from The University of Burdwan . She had previously worked as a Part Time Lecturer at Kabi Sukanta Mahavidyalaya  (affiliated under The University of Burdwan) and worked in The Department of Geography , The University of Burdwan as a State Funded Junior and Senior Research Fellow. She is currently working on her Ph.D. thesis titled “Development Status and Socio-Cultural Transformation in Selected Peripheral Areas of Kolkata”. 

Her recent publications include , the paper “Simultaneous Growth of Agricultural and Non-Agricultural Economy : A Geographical Study of a Peri-Urban Village Sugandhya” in collaboration with Basudev Haldar, Published in Practising Geographer , Vol. 17 , No. 1 , Summer, 2013 and “Living With The Water : A Study of Changing Livelihood Structure in a Peripheral Part of Kolkata Metropolitan Area , West Bengal”  Published in International Journal of Current Research Vol. 7, Issue.  07 July, 2015.


  • Environmental Issues
  • Behavioural Geography
  • Cultural Studies
  • Urban Ecology

Current Position(s)

Part – Time Ph.D. Scholar registered at the Department of Geography , The University of Burdwan , Golapbag , Burdwan

Past Position(s)

Worked as Government approved Part-time lecturer in  Geography , Kabi Sukanta Mahavidyalaya , Bhadreswar (affiliated under The University of Burdwan) for 3 years. ( From 20.07.2010 to 31.7.2013 )


  • Pursuing Ph.D. at The University of Burdwan
  • MA in Geography from The University of Burdwan

Language Fluency

  • Bengali
  • English,
  • Hindi