A. Sivathanu Pillai

Honorary Distinguished Professor, ISRO

Ajey Lele

Senior Fellow, Institute for Defence Studies and Analyses

B.N. Suresh

Honorary Distinguished Professor, ISRO

Jean-Yves Le Gall

President, Centre National dEtudes Spatiales (CNES)

Joan Johnson-Freese

Professor, US Naval War College

Laxminarayan Raja

Professor, The University of Texas at Austin

Nishant Kumar

Director, Military Affairs, Disarmament & International Security Affairs, Ministry of External Affairs

Laura Grego

Paul Meyer

Senior Fellow, The Simons Foundation

Rahul Narayan

Founder, Team Indus

Amb. Rakesh Sood

Amb. Rakesh Sood

Distinguished Fellow, ORF

S. Chandrashekar

JRD Tata Visiting Professor, National Institute of Advanced Studies

Sunil Gupta

Secretary, Telecom Regulatory Authority of India

Victoria Samson

Washington Office Director, Secure World Foundation

VK Saraswat

Member, NITI Aayog


ORF Kalpana Chawla Annual Space Policy Dialogue

Space technology is revolutionising the economic and social structures on Earth. The growing number of entrepreneurs utilising data derived from satellites for providing financial, technological, legal and security solutions demonstrate the limitless potential of space technology for benefitting societies. There are commercial actors manufacturing, launching and maintaining satellites, particularly small satellites.

Even as outer space is becoming democratised, the longstanding issues of space security and sustainability remains. In fact, these issues have become much complex owing to the increasing number of commercial actors as well as developing countries trying to become spacefaring nations. Inadvertent transfers of dual-use technology and increasing cyber capabilities are threatening global norms on outer space. These norms, which are mostly developed during the Cold War, are yet to catch up with the reality.

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Day wise schedule of the conference

Day 1

15 February 2018 (19.00-22.00)
 Taj Mahal Hotel, Mansingh Road, Delhi
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Day 2

16 February 2018 (09.00-19.25)
 Taj Mahal Hotel, Mansingh Road, Delhi
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Day 3

17 February 2018 (09.00-17.25)
Taj Mahal Hotel, Mansingh Road, Delhi
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Videos 2017

#ORFKC2017 | Inaugural Address by Dr. G. Madhavan Nair and Sunjoy Joshi

#ORFKC2017 | Remarks by Jeremy England

#ORFKC2017 | A New Frontier: Boosting India’s Military Presence in Outer Space

#ORF KC2017 | Derivatives from Space–Scoping the Downstream Applications

#ORFKC2017 | Space Sustainability and Global Governance

#ORFKC2017 | Space Finance

#ORFKC2017 | Satellite Internet for Digital India

#ORFKC2017 | Valedictory Session

2nd ORF Kalpana Chawla Annual Space Policy Dialogue - 2016

Moments from 2016


ORF began its journey in 1990 at the juncture of ideation tempered by pragmatism. During the period of India’s transition to a new engagement with the international economic order, several challenges emerged, evoking a need for an independent forum that could critically examine the problems facing the country and help develop coherent policy responses. ORF was thus formed, and brought together, for the first time, leading Indian economists and policymakers to present the agenda for India’s economic reforms.