Regional Studies

Tracks developments beyond the neighbourhood, focussing on engagement with and relevant developments within the Americas, Africa, China, West Asia and Asia-Pacific.

Trends in Russia-China Relations: Implications for India

Regional Studies

Neighbourhood First: Navigating Ties Under Modi

Regional Studies

Strengthening BBIN connectivity: Market signals for policymaking

Regional Studies

Transformations in West Asia: Regional perspectives

Regional Studies

South Asia Weekly | Volume IX; Issue 7

    Regional Studies

    South China Sea | Volume V; Issue 1

      Regional Studies

      PM’s Iran trip: What should be on Modi’s agenda?

      Regional Studies

      West Asia Monitor | Volume I; Issue XVII

        Regional Studies
        Balochistan,Baltistan,China,CPEC,Gilgit,Kashmir,Narendra Modi,Pakistan,POK,Xi Jinping

        The strategic importance of Gilgit Baltistan

        Regional Studies

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        The Geopolitics and geoeconomics of one belt one road (OBOR)

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        Srinath Sridharan

        Srinath Sridharan is Visiting Fellow at ORF. Srinath has been a strategic counsel for nearly two decades with leading corporates across diverse sectors, including automobile, e-commerce, advertising, realty and financial services.

        Preety Bhogal

        Preety works as a Junior Fellow in the Economy and Development Programme at ORF. Presently, she is working on projects relating to agriculture and international trade. Her areas of research pertain to

        Nikhila Natarajan

        Nikhila Natarajan is a Visiting Fellow at ORF. She works as Senior Editor with Firstpost/ Network 18 and specialises in avant-garde video stories on niche social media platforms. A global editorial resource,

        Gaurav Sharma

        Gaurav Sharma is responsible for the business development and outreach activities of ORF. He coordinates and supervises the new initiatives, dialogues and workshops of the Foundation.

        Ritika Passi

        Ritika Passi is Project Editor and Associate Fellow at ORF. Her research focuses on issues of connectivity, security and development. In an editorial capacity, she is in charge of ideating, coordinating and