Maritime Policy

Tracks and analyses developments in the Indo-Pacific region covering India’s maritime strategy, Blue-economy, the Act East Policy, naval engagement in Asia and Africa, multilateral maritime governance architectures, Indian Ocean trade regimes, shipping and maritime infrastructure in Asia, SLOCs security and non-traditional security challenges.

PLAN recalibrating its strategy?

Maritime Policy

India’s “undersea wall” in the eastern Indian Ocean

Maritime Policy

India and Japan: Reconnecting in the Bay of Bengal

    Maritime Policy

    Chinese warships in the Indian Ocean: Are they a real threat?

    Maritime Policy

    India’s growing influence and ambition

    Defence Modernisation

    India and the South China Sea dispute

    Maritime Policy

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    Environment and development

    The Geopolitics and geoeconomics of one belt one road (OBOR)

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    Pratnashree Basu

    Pratnashree Basu is a Junior Fellow with ORF's Neighbourhood Regional Studies Initiative and Maritime Initiative. She is currently part of the project ‘Proximity to Connectivity: India and its Eastern and Southeastern Neighbours,’

    Indra Badan Jha

    Indra Badan Jha is an associate fellow at ORF, New Delhi. His research focuses primarily on contemporary domestic and global economic issues including fiscal policy framework for building resilient economy,

    Vikrom Mathur

    Vikrom Mathur has 15 years of professional experience, straddling research and policy advice, at the interface of social and environmental change. His diverse research interests include: political, cultural and social influences on

    Preeti Kapuria

    Preeti Kapuria is an Associate Fellow at ORF Kolkata. Her research focuses on studying the dynamics of human-environment interactions in both rural and urban landscapes, where she attempts to investigate the factors

    Saikat Datta

    Saikat Datta is a Visiting Fellow with ORF's National Security Programme. He has been a journalist for over 19 years as an editor and an investigative reporter with several news organisations. He