Governance and Politics

Will strategist Kishore’s plan work for Congress?

Governance and Politics

What would India have been minus Nehru?

Governance and Politics

Implementation of Right to Information Act: Issues and Challenges

    Governance and Politics

    What BJP got right in Assam

    Governance and Politics
    Balochistan,Baltistan,China,CPEC,Gilgit,Kashmir,Narendra Modi,Pakistan,POK,Xi Jinping

    The strategic importance of Gilgit Baltistan

    Regional Studies

    South Asia Weekly | Volume IX; Issue 15

      Regional Studies

      IPS well past its expiry date?

      Governance and Politics

      One Rank One Pension: Its impact on the defence budget

      Governance and Politics

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      The Geopolitics and geoeconomics of one belt one road (OBOR)

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      Vijay Seth

      Vijay Seth holds an MBA in Business Administration from Sikkim Manipal University. He is also a Software Engineer at Aptech Computers Limited. He holds an undergraduate degree in Botany (Hons.) from Sambalpur

      H. H. S. Viswanathan

      Earlier, he was a member of the Indian Foreign Service for 34 years. He has a long and diverse experience in International relations and Diplomacy. His foreign assignments include Belgium, Zaire, Czechoslovakia,

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      Rhea Colaco is a Research Intern at ORF working on the Health team under the Development and Society Initiative. She holds a Bachelors degree in Economics from St. Stephen's College, University of

      K. Yhome

      K. Yhome is a Research Fellow with ORF's Neigbhourhood Regional Studies Initiative. His research interests include India’s regional diplomacy, regional and sub-regionalism in South and Southeast Asia, the Bay of Bengal region

      Abhijit Singh

      A former naval officer, Abhijit Singh, Senior Fellow, heads the Maritime Policy Initiative at ORF. A maritime professional with specialist and command experience in front-line Indian naval ships, he has been involved