Governance and Politics

Will strategist Kishore’s plan work for Congress?

Governance and Politics

What would India have been minus Nehru?

Governance and Politics

Implementation of Right to Information Act: Issues and Challenges

    Governance and Politics

    What BJP got right in Assam

    Governance and Politics
    Balochistan,Baltistan,China,CPEC,Gilgit,Kashmir,Narendra Modi,Pakistan,POK,Xi Jinping

    The strategic importance of Gilgit Baltistan

    Regional Studies

    South Asia Weekly | Volume IX; Issue 15

      Regional Studies

      IPS well past its expiry date?

      Governance and Politics

      One Rank One Pension: Its impact on the defence budget

      Governance and Politics

      Upcoming Events

      Environment and development

      The Geopolitics and geoeconomics of one belt one road (OBOR)

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      Pratnashree Basu

      Pratnashree Basu is a Junior Fellow with ORF's Neighbourhood Regional Studies Initiative and Maritime Initiative. She is currently part of the project ‘Proximity to Connectivity: India and its Eastern and Southeastern Neighbours,’

      Ritika Passi

      Ritika Passi is Project Editor and Associate Fellow at ORF. Her research focuses on issues of connectivity, security and development. In an editorial capacity, she is in charge of ideating, coordinating and

      Himani Pant

      Himani Pant is a Research Assistant at ORF’s Strategic Studies Program. Her research focuses on Foreign Policy of Russia and the European Union.

      Anita Sengupta

      Dr. Anita Sengupta is a Visiting Fellow at ORF. She is an area-studies specialist and has been tracking the Eurasian region, with Uzbekistan functioning as her area of special interest. She has

      Rakhahari Chatterji

      Professor in Political Science, Calcutta University (Retired 2008). Formerly Dean, Faculty of Arts, Calcutta University; Visiting Fellow in Political Science and Associate, Committee on South Asian Studies, University of Chicago; Visiting Fellow